Pier Casotti Greenland Suicide Photography Framed
Greenland has the highest suicide rate in the world. Government reports claim that one in five people attempt to kill themselves. When Italian photographer Pier Casotti came across articles describing the epidemic, he felt that they conveyed little more than body counts. So Casotti went to find out for himself what was happening and how suicide was interpreted in local terms.

Location: Los Angeles, California.

Asylum Seekers Australia Refugees Jessie Taylor
In 2009, Jessie Taylor, human rights lawyer and refugee advocate, travelled to Indonesia in order to understand what makes asylum seekers undertake the perilous journey to Australia by boat. The result of that visit is a groundbreaking documentary, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. The documentary provides the first real insight into everyday life behind the bars of Indonesia’s detention centres.

Location: Melbourne, Australia.

Linda Dorigo Lebanon Iran Photography Framed Magazine
Linda Dorigo is an Italian photographer based in Beirut who has recently focused her lens on women and the plight of religious minorities in the Middle East.

Location: Hamra, Beirut.

The Freedom Theatre Jenin West Bank Palestine Framed
In Jenin refugee camp in the occupied West Bank there exists a small theatre dedicated to empowering a new generation of Palestinian youth with the tools for creative resistance and self-expression.

Location: West Bank, Palestine.

Nadia Sablin Framed Magazine Interview Russia
Nadia Sablin is a photographer who was born in the Soviet Union and raised in the American Midwest. She now divides her time between Brooklyn and St Petersburg. Much of Nadia’s work focuses on her homeland, her lens turned toward people living on the fringes of society in Russia and Ukraine.

Location: Brooklyn, N.Y.

Indigenous Australia, Alice Springs, Joshua Santospirito, Central Australia
Joshua Santospirito is an artist, musician, and psychiatric nurse. His most recent work, a graphic novel entitled, "The Long Weekend In Alice Springs", was inspired by an essay of the same name, which he read whilst working in Alice Springs. Josh spoke to us from his home in Tasmania about what it was like working in Aboriginal communities, well-intentioned white people, and his encounter with "the worst Australia has to offer”.

Location: Hobart, Tasmania

Maya Goded Mexico City Prostitution Photography Framed Magazine
Maya Goded is a Mexican photographer well-known for her intimate photographs of marginalised individuals and communities in Mexico. Maya focuses on the female experience of those we’d rather not look too long at: prostitutes, witches, mothers whose daughters have been abducted. Six months after first seeing Maya’s work, I was lucky enough to meet the incredible woman behind the lens.

Location: Mexico City, Mexico.

Alternative living green framed magazine
Daniel lives in a bus parked on a small patch of green in an inner-city Melbourne suburb. Sitting inside by the stove, sipping rooibos tea, we listened to Daniel speak melodically about alternative living, salvaging things, and getting along with one another.

Location: Melbourne, Australia.

Birte Kaufmann Irish Travellers Emphas.is Framed Magazine
It was two years ago when Birte Kaufmann, a German social worker and photographer, first saw an Irish Traveller camp whilst on her way to a festival in Ireland. Intrigued, Birte’s desire to know more about the Traveller way of life would not be appeased until she was living alongside a Traveller family in an old Volkswagen camper van.

Location: Berlin, Germany

Radioactivists Japan Anti-nuclear protest Framed
Radioactivists is a documentary that explores the culture of protest that has emerged following Japan’s earthquake-tsunami-nuclear disaster. Modern Japanese aren't known for their political dissent, yet the filmmakers believe that the current anti-nuclear movement is only the beginning of a burgeoning culture of social activism in Japan.

Location: Berlin, Germany.